Friday, January 13, 2017

OACHC Annual Impact 2016

OACHC is proud of the work that we were able to accomplish in 2016.  It is through dedication, vision, and great partnerships that 2016 can go down in the history books as a year of growth and expansion!  Please join us as we look back to celebrate this prosperous year.

In 2016 OACHC secured $3,867,300 in funding
to administer and implement health focused programs within
Community Health Centers across Ohio

New OACHC Staff!

•    Elizabeth Bradley was hired as the Executive Assistant
•    Tiffany Blair was hired as the Quality Improvement Coordinator
•    Jennifer Sharp was hired as the Accounting Coordinator
•    Ashley Ballard received her PCMH CCE from NCQA


Advocacy & Policy   



•    OACHC gained NACHC Advocacy of Excellence (ACE) status
•    Increased number of Ohio Health Center Advocates by 15%
o    Record number (8) Members of Congress signed the Health Center Appropriation Dear Colleague Letters circulated in March
•    National Health Center Week - Celebrations and events held at more than 35 of Ohio’s Community Health Center locations


Rules & Legislation

•    FQHC PPS Rule Package Enacted
•    Ohio became first state in the country to allow registered dietitian nutritionists and licensed dietitians practicing in non-institutional settings to submit claims to the Ohio Department of Medicaid independently (Rule 5160-8-41)
•    1115 “Healthy Ohio” Waiver DENIED 
•    HB 216 (APRN Modernization Bill) passes the Ohio General Assembly and is signed into law by Governor Kasich  
•    SB 332 was enacted providing support for FQHCs regarding birth spacing
•    HB 294 addresses infant mortality issues and provides support for FQHCs to promote proven interventions in birth spacing, safe sleep, and/or smoking cessation


Clinical Quality & Oral Health

•    Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) grant awarded to OACHC
•    Awarded 45 Clinical Focus Measure Awards to health centers
•    National Oral Health Innovation and Integration Network (NOHIIN) grant from DentaQuest Foundation & Oral Health grant from HealthPath Foundation
•    New Projects & Initiatives
o    Medication Therapy Management
o    FluFIT with Ohio Department of Health & American Cancer Society
o    Undiagnosed Hypertension and pre-Diabetes with ODH
o    HPV Vaccination Initiative with American Cancer Society
o    Progesterone (17-P) project with Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative
o    Partnership with Ohio Dental Association and the Ohio Dental Association Foundation for blood Pressure Screening in Ohio’s FQHC Dental Practices


Workforce – Ohio Primary Care Workforce Initiative

•    Completed year 1 of OPCWI with 35 FQHCs hosting 883 student clinical rotations from 50 schools/universities
•    Student evaluation of their FQHC clinical experience score was 4.8/5
•    OPWCI convened 122 representatives from both FQHCs and regional health professional programs during regional trainings
•    Presented at 7 professional conferences/meetings across the country on OPCWI


Training & Communications

•    New OACHC branding and logo
•    Grand Opening of new OACHC offices and launch of the state-of-the-art OACHC Training Room
•    Creation of the Training Archives

•    Significant growth in OACHC Conference attendees and exhibitors; addition of CHC 101 sessions and Quality Track
•    First ever statewide Dental Billing Training

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