Tuesday, August 30, 2016

QI Opportunities for Ohio's FQHC's

Ohio QI Initiatives

OACHC continues to work closely with the Ohio Departments of Medicaid and Health, as well as with the Ohio General Assembly, on policies and funding to support the work of Ohio’s Community Health Centers. As such, a number of QI opportunities are in process of rolling out to Ohio’s FQHCs (if not already launched), many with similar if not overlapping timelines.  As you are making decisions internally whether or not to participate, we thought it would be helpful for you to see all of the QI opportunities we are working on with our state partners. In some cases, and depending on the scope of work and how it impacts your health center team, you may be limited to participating in only one QI initiative.

Please see the chart below with an at-a-glance snapshot of information pertaining to each opportunity, as well as who to contact at OACHC for additional information.  Please note, information provided below is up-to-date as we understand it today, however subject to change.
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ohio UDS Data

2015 Health Center Data is Here

HRSA released the 2015 UDS data recently. This a summary of data collected from Health Centers and look-a-likes. OACHC gathered information from Ohio's data and put it in the infographic you see below.  


UDS Resources and Information

Below you can find more information on the results.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ohio's 2016 Ultimate Health Center Champions Announced!

And the Winners Are...

Announcing your 2016 Ultimate Health Center Champions: Muskingum Valley Health Centers (Winner by Decision), Valley View Health Centers (Heavyweight Champion), CAA of Columbiana County (Welterweight Champion), and Erie County Community Health Center (Featherweight Champion)!

This was such an exciting contest, Ohio's Community Health Centers are all true contenders and innovators! OACHC would like to extend a huge "Thank You!" to all who participated!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

National Health Center Week 2016

Happy National Health Center Week!!

This is our favorite week here at OACHC! We get to travel all over the state of Ohio to visit our member's health centers and join in celebrating National Health Center Week. Ohio's Community Health Centers have created some great events to get community members engaged and informed! Check out our facebook album to view pictures of this week, as we have been documenting our travels! Visit www.ohiochc.org/nhcw to learn more about National Health Center Week!

View all of our pictures here!



Don't Forget to Vote! 

You have until August 15th at 5PM to vote for your Ultimate Health Center Champions! There are 3 categories to vote in: Heavyweight, Welterweight and Featherweight. You can vote once per day, per email address! Visit www.ohiochc.org/champs to view the rule and to vote!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ohio to be Featured on 3RNet! Are You Ready?

Any chance that your health center is looking for a provider?

3RNet is featuring Ohio on their homepage the week of August 15-21, 2016. They get about 2,000 visitors each week which is a LOT of people who can learn about Ohio and your health center! 

New to 3RNet? It only takes a few short minutes to get started. Are you a 3RNet veteran? Now is the time to check your profile and make sure all of your vacancies are accurate and up-to-date. 

National Health Center Week offer: The first two health centers to send a 3RNet posted vacancy description to Heather Porter will have their vacancy promoted by 3RNet through social media during the Ohio week (two health centers, one per health center). Deadline to submit is August 10.

With workforce challenges being a key issue for health centers and one of the primary barriers to health center patient growth, it’s no surprise that many leaders report clinical vacancies as one of their foremost concerns. According to NACHC’s Workforce Report 2016, “almost all health centers (95%) are experiencing at least one clinical vacancy today“.  Additionally they report that “health centers on average have 13% of their clinical workforce staff positions currently vacant”. 

These statistics are staggering and although there are many resources available to assist with your recruitment efforts, 3RNet is a FREE resource that you may not be aware of which can lead like-minded clinicians to your virtual doorstep.

Rural Recruitment and Retention Network (3RNet) is a nonprofit network of members and organizations designed to bring together health care professionals with job opportunities in rural and underserved communities throughout the country. Each state has one member responsible for the job postings on the website; in Ohio, OACHC serves in this capacity as the gateway for access to recruitment services offered on the 3RNet platform. Through this function, OACHC passes along access to FQHCs and providers in rural and underserved areas throughout Ohio the ability to post jobs and advertise their health centers. For more information and instructions please access this flyer.